Windows 8 : ready for the change ?

26th October 2012 is a key date for all the Windows users who had been waiting for their new update. It was said that Windows 8 would be a total revolution, the future of computing, the beginning of a new era… One month after: people still seemed confused.

One thing is for sure, this is the biggest change to the Windows OS since the launch of Windows 95, and it is totally different from anything else on the market at this moment.

But this is not especially in their favour: they are taking a big bet on the general consumer, do they really want to definitely leave Windows 7?

With Windows 8, things have changed radically. The desktop is now relegated to the side-lines. The interface “the modern IU”: the start page is now a screen with multi-coloured blocks that feature all of your content. The “Windows apps” are another novelty as well as the “Windows Store”. And of course a new logo, a new design…

Here is an idea of what this innovation looks like:

The reactions have been mixed, with some users becoming fans of the improvements, while others think it’s the worst thing to ever happen to personal computing. This new version is supposed to be intuitive, but in the negative comments of the new users, most of them seemed quite lost because of the huge changes…

According to Amaury Bamps, a Belgian informatician, users are always complaining  that they have to change their habits on the internet. And, according to him again, the best thing about Windows 8 is the fact that it is available on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphone. The new Windows Phone 8 will also be soon available.

Whereas Windows 8 was  released only one month ago, there is already a rumour going around about the next new version of it: “Windows blue”. The successor to Windows 8 will apparently be  available in mid-2013!

The Windows users definitely have no other choice than to adapt themselves to the change… Let’s wait and see where this adaptation will bring them !

by Alice Declercq


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